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Mini Champion Package

Young Kickers Package ONLY - Suitable for people who wish for 1 session per week

£40 per month*

4 Session Credits Per Month

7hrs Worth of Coaching

Access to 1 Zoom Session per month

Legend Package

Suitable for people who wish for 2 or more sessions per week

£80 per month*

Everything from Champion Package

8 Session Credits per month*

12 hours of Coaching

Access to 3 Zoom sessions per month

Access to The School Of Excellence

Ultimate Package

For people who wish to train more than twice a week
£130 per month*

Everything from Champion & Legend Packages

Over 16 hrs of coaching

Access to Unlimited Zoom Sessions

50% off 4K Camera Player Profile Builder

Dedicated Football Mentor

Monthly Advanced Player Review

Unlimited Gym Sessions

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Book sessions as and when you like from a wide range. If you would like more information call us on 0203 064 1557 to find out more about the different sessions we offer.

*To continue to get access to the discounted monthly packages you will need an active Youngs Membership of £4.99 per month. T&Cs apply.

We have individual sessions available and if you would like to try out it before purchasing a package, click here.