Goalkeeper puts pen to paper at Luton Academy


” If you want it, you need to put in the ground work, it’s that simple” Coach Steve

Youngs School Of Excellence player Cai secured himself a 2-year contract with the recently promoted Luton Town Academy.

Cai joined our Northolt School Of Excellence centre on recommendation from Rob Tull from Bessingby Park Rangers Football Club. Cai also plays for Ickenham Youth Football Club as well as his district side Hillingdon.

On arrival to our centre, Cai was exposed to a different style of coaching which was centred around self development and independent learning. Cai’s training was tailored to push him out of his comfort zone, in which he took on the challenge enthusiastically. After an in depth assessment, Cai’s training plan was built around the following:

  • Mental Endurance
  • Elite body conditioning
  • Techical Footwork

Head Coach Steve explained to him that he would also need to focus on eating healthy at home, “If you want it, you have to do the ground work, it’s that simple”

We are pleased that Cai and his supportive family took to the training and worked with us to ensure Cai stayed in shape.

Now we move on to the next phase and we wish you a successful time at Luton Town Academy.



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