10 things to look for when searching for a football club for your child..

Choosing a place for your child to enjoy and learn football can be very daunting with the amount of choices in your local area.

We thought we would offer you some assistance in making the choice. Below are 10 quick tips.

  1. Have a look at the environment, is it safe? Are people smoking around? Are there dogs running around? Safety should be the first thing you look at when looking at a perspective club.
  2. What are the coaches like? Are they approachable? Maybe have a word with a few of them to gage what type of mindset they have and mirror that with what you are looking for.
  3. Watch the training sessions. Do children seem like they are having fun? Does it look like children are having TOO MUCH fun and not paying attention? Places with lack of discipline tend to not be the best learning environments.
  4. Ask if they have a supportive platform for players . If your son is struggling, and not able to play in the teams, is there somewhere for them to enjoy the sport?
  5. Does the Club operate on a WIN by any means necessary policy? You will be able to gage this by simply having a word with any coach on the premises.  Ask them what is important to them on a match day. (We all like to win, but there are ways to win. Not all wins are good wins in the wonderful game of football)
  6. Is there a philosophy in the club that is filtered down to all age groups? Clubs with a visible philosophy are the better ones.
  7. Speak to children to see what they like and dislike about the setting.
  8. Speak to parents to see what their views are.
  9. Check where the team is in local football leagues. The higher the team the better. However, this is not always the case. Teams with more focus on development can still be found outside of the top leagues.
  10. What policy do they have with regards to players that show elite potential and how is it managed?

We hope these tips help you when searching for a club for your child!