Troy Kelly Signs For Arsenal

ARSENAL fanatic Troy has managed to secure himself an Arsenal Academy contract after impressing on his 8 week trial.


Troy has followed the Youngs Pathway from the beginning of his football career and has been a pleasure to work with.

The Youngs Pathway has three steps.

1. Youngs Football Coaching School
This consists of 2 to 3 hours of regular fun weekly technical sessions.

2.Youngs FC
Grass roots club where players are focused on implementing all things learnt in training.

3. Youngs School Of Excellence
This is where the more elite players train. This is not age specific, but based on ability.
It is players from this centre that  are equipped with the right tools to perform at Academy Standard. The senior coaches then invite academy contacts in to training to observe players.
All of our players are coached and nurtured and then carefully managed.

Troy’s mum Zara and Father Pat has attended every single training session. She has attended all specialist games and has followed our advice so closely. As well as ensuring he is doing his football homework.
On behalf of Youngs, we are proud of both Zara (mum) and Troy for all the hard work put in. The new journey begins..